Laurie Paladino Rock Photog

I became a rock photographer so I could combine my love of music and photography. When I started going to concerts I was intrigued by the visual aspects of live shows. I wanted to capture some of those moments on film and commit them to pop culture history. Eventually my work appeared in various forms of media worldwide -- first rock magazines and soon after in books, television programs and CD's. I have always loved shooting live performances and continue to do so to this day! I've become so accustomed to watching an artist's performance through the lens that I feel a little lost when I'm watching a show as a 'civilian' without my camera. Looking at life through the lens of a camera continues to fascinate me, something every photographer can understand. There's a fantasy aspect to photography which allows us to control and even change our environments through such things as from which angles we choose to shoot and how we decide to crop an image. I especially enjoy the opportunity to appreciate the photography of other talented artists who may not be professional photographers, such as musicians. It's insightful to see what one reveals about his or her creativity and thought processes through the photographs made.

As for me, I'll always think of myself as a rock photographer first. I look back on those years with happiness and gratitude for the chance to make those images and capture those fleeting moments of classic live music performances!

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Nick Rhodes and Simon LeBon photographed at an instore autograph signing of the Duran Duran music video at a video store in Times Square New York City 1984